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  • Qixiang Xu/Male/1981
  • Bachelor/Mathematics/Tianjin University
  • Cell Phone:18601663841
  • Work Experience:12 years
  • Github


  • Ten years software design and develop at embedded system.
  • Expertise in C Language,Bash and Makefile.
  • Solid knowledge of develop software in Linux, VxWorks and ecos platform.
  • Strong understanding of multithreaded programming.
  • Extensive experience with socket programming.
  • Understanding of C++/Java and design pattern; Have experience with Python and Lua.
  • Have experience with Android.
  • Fluent in English.


Cortina Systems (June 2009 ~ Present, Principal Member of Technical Staff)
  • Saturn Soc Project

    As this is the first project base on MIPS in our company, I take responsible for porting Arm Trusted Firmware to Saturn SOC; And merge RLX5281 Linux(MIPS Base 3.18) to my company main Linux(ARM Base 4.4), make kernel and ATF code easy maintaince in the future.

  • EPON HGU Project

    Design and implement the framework of CWMP protocol stack, include HTTP server and client, SOAP/XML parser and builder, RPC framework and profile code generator tool, then the profile developer only focus on profile logical. As the CWMP module develop successful, I got the 2014 excellence award and the company decided to develop the total solution of HGU. At the same time, I take responsible for porting DHCP server(dnsmasq) to HGU, and implement the CTC specific features.

  • GPON SFU Project

    As this is the first project in embedded Linux in the company, I take responsible for build up the Makefile systems, and made it easy and efficiency.

    Secondly,design and implement the framework of OMCI protocol stack,build a management object code generator tool base on the framework, and make the management object developer only focus on it logical. As the OMCI module develop successful, I got the 2013 excellence award and it makes the company has ability build a whole solution for GPON product.

  • 10G OLT/ONU Project

    Refactoring the OAM protocol stack, remove the depends on other modules global variables. And make the module can be compiled and debug in X86 Linux platform, make full use of the Linux tools (such as valgrind, gdb) to improve code quality,set an example to other modules.

    Secondly,introduced the code generator tool, generate the external CPU code according to the SDK API header file, make it more efficiency and avoid a lot of mistake we encountered at 1G project.

  • Other Projects
    1. LYNXE:Abstracted the API of the software image upgrade,make it like the standard IO API, solved a lot of difficult issue which we encounter at L2FTP and OAM software image upgrade. The code was reused by the OMCI,CWMP and WEB software image upgrade, make it stable and efficiency.

    2. LYNXD:Use the Object-Oriented refactoring the CTC OAM module, make it easy to implement a new ctc oam and easy to porting new product.

    3. F401:As the project schedule is tight, and for the WEB development, no one has experience in the team, I volunteered do the F401 WEB UI development and make the project delivered on time.

Salira Systems (Oct 2007 ~ June 2009, Technical Leader)

  • XONE Project
    Responsible for communication and coordination with US team; According to the new requirement, arrange it to Shanghai Platform team.
    Refactoring the key modules(like system control module, inner card communication and global database) at XONE project, and slove a lot of difficult issue. Because of the great contribution I got star employee of year 2007 and 2008.
    Since that,Shanghai Platform team get the trust of the American team, and take over more key modules in the next Depon project.

Salira Systems (Aug 2006 ~ Sep 2007, Senior Software Engineer)

  • 3550 Project
    Refactoring the Interface management module, fixed some difficult issue and made it easy to add new ONU type.

    During the study of VxWorks and PowerPC, found a new technology which can be used to implement a hot patch. The hot patch can be used to fix the field issue, and it is a more efficiency way to fix bug.

Topsec (March 2005 ~ Apirl 2006, Senior Software Engineer)

  • Firewall Project
    Take responsible for develop and sustaining the process monitor and DHCP module, understand the programming in embedded Linux system and the cross compile program.

STEL Information (July 2003 ~ Dec 2004, Software Engineer)

  • Latte Project
    Analysis huge data which generated from SingTel switch, split the data and insert it into the oracle database table according to it characteristic. Analysis the error log and insert into it's oracle database tables. In the meantime, understand the Oracle/ProC, Linux multithreaded programming and synchronization technology.


  • Mini-cli
    It is a scalability, cross-platform, customized command line framework, include auto completed, parameters validation, telnet server and authentication. Add a command line is very easy,just like implement a new function. The very special is it has the ability to implement the command callback at Linux kernel space.



Thank you for taking the time to read my resume,I expect have the opportunity to work with you.